Basic stages to establish a company in Binh Phuoc

Is setting up a company in Binh Phuoc developing at present? The size of the economy is expanding, estimated at 68 trillion VND, 1.64 times higher than 2020. Gross domestic product (GRDP) per capita is higher than the national average, estimated estimated at about 67.3 million VND (equivalent to 3,000 USD), reaching a level of 1.54 times higher than in 2020.

General overview of company establishment in Binh Phuoc
The concept of founding a company

Company establishment is an administrative procedure carried out at the Department of Planning and Investment, including the following steps:

Preparation of company incorporation documents

Submit company incorporation documents

Get business registration certificate

Engrave the seal, announce the seal sample and the company officially goes into operation.

The procedure of setting up a company is being interested by many people, it is the first process when starting a business.

Therefore, establishing a company is necessary for business activities to be legal, recognized and protected by law, thereby creating trust with customers and partners.

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The reason for establishing a company in Binh Phuoc

Along with the continuous development of the economy, many businesses are established in Vietnam in general and Binh Phuoc in particular every day to pave the way for the start-up process.

Have you ever wondered what the reason for starting a company is? Is it risky to start a business? Or with the current form of business, is it necessary to establish a company? To answer these questions, we will give some reasons to explain the question of why the company should be established?

Establishing a company will help individuals and organizations do business in Binh Phuoc and other provinces lawfully according to the provisions of Vietnamese law;

Establishing a company in Binh Phuoc will help expand the business scale, employ many employees, mobilize capital easily and thereby promote profits from business rather than other forms of business. retail business

Establishing a company will contribute to promoting the development of the economy through business activities, contributing benefits to the society from paying taxes, creating jobs for employees…etc;

Basic stages to establish a company in Binh Phuoc

Stage 1: Prepare information to set up company profile in Binh Phuoc

Stage 2: Setting up a company in Binh Phuoc

Stage 3: Making a seal of a legal entity

Stage 4: Carrying out the following procedures to establish a company in Binh Phuoc

This is the basic process that customers need to follow when conducting the establishment of a company in Binh Phuoc.

In the following, the legal consultant will analyze specifically the work that needs to be done in each stage to establish a company in Binh Phuoc. From there, help customers better understand this process.

Besides consulting the order and procedures, we also provide the service of setting up a company in Binh Phuoc. Customers only need to prepare some documents, everything is taken care of by our staff.

Service of setting up a company in Binh Phuoc

We are a unit specializing in providing company establishment services in Binh Phuoc. Our company is proud to be one of the leading professional units in the field of consulting company establishment in Binh Phuoc. Please contact us for a free, direct consultation and use the full package of business establishment services in Binh Phuoc in the most effective way.

Results for customers when using the service of setting up a company in Binh Phuoc

– The certificate of business registration is also the tax code

– Company seal;

– Announcement of the company seal sample

– Internal corporate profile

– Company rules;

– Guidance on the following procedures for business establishment: opening an account, ordering invoice printing; Advice on registering digital signatures for online tax payment

– Guide and advise on tax declaration, tax declaration, tax payment, social insurance payment;

– Post-establishment services: bank account, tax file setup, tax method registration, initial tax declaration, order to print value-added invoices;

– Support initial tax declaration;

– Package tax accounting services;

– Website construction consulting; logos, trademarks, licenses and conditions to ensure business operations after business establishment….

Procedures after establishing a company in  Binh Phuoc  need to be done:

– Hanging signs at the company’s headquarters;

– Notice of application of tax calculation method (form 06);

– Opening a business bank account;

– Register an account with the Department of Planning and Investment;

– Registration of digital signatures;

– Register for electronic tax payment;

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The province is committed to always accompanying investors and businesses in promptly removing difficulties and obstacles. Continue to amend and supplement policies on investment promotion and incentives; strengthen the application of information technology in receiving and returning results of administrative procedures for people and businesses. Along with that is to improve the responsibility of the head, the quality and ethics of public service of the staff, civil servants …

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