Things to know when setting up a company in Chuong My

Establishing a company/business – realizing your business idea is a very important decision. Things to know before setting up a company in Chuong My that presents below are the basic and important contents in the legal field that you need to know before officially operating your business.

Things to know before setting up a company in Chuong My

1. Subject conditions

+ Have ID card/Citizen ID/Passport;

+ Having full capacity for civil acts;

+ Not eligible to establish a company in Chuong My  (Civil servants, public employees…);

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2. Identify members/shareholders who contribute capital or will invest by themselves

This is an important issue you need to determine, the number of members will affect the type of company when establishing a company in Chuong My.

Capital-contributing members/shareholders are those who can decide on the existence, development or dissolution of the enterprise. Cooperation with members/shareholders of the same opinion, ideally, will be one of the decisive things for the success of the company and vice versa. Think carefully before choosing to cooperate to establish a company in Chuong My.

Advantages and disadvantages of joint stock company

♦ Advantages

Easily mobilize high capital from different industries and fields through the form of issuing stocks and bonds to the market;
What is required to establish a company in Chuong My, because a joint stock company is contributed capital from shareholders, the liability for debts and property obligations of the company is within the scope of contributed capital and the level of risk will be low. than;

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Transferring capital contribution is easy.
Large scale of operation and business scalability in most industries and easily from raising equity capital.



The large number of shareholder members leads to a complicated management and operation of the company, with the separation into groups of shareholders competing for benefits.
Limited business and financial security because the company must disclose and report to shareholders
The rights of the Director (General Director) of a joint stock company are limited (Clause 2, Article 116 of the Law on Enterprises).


Above are the sharing of advantages for you to consider  should set up a company in Chuong My or not. In fact, whether or not you should start your own company will depend on your wishes and business goals. Therefore, consider carefully before making a decision. When you have a decision to establish a company for business, if you encounter any problems related to the company establishment procedure, please contact directly for specific support and advice. Please!

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